About our treatment programme

We help families by offering psychological treatment in a holistic perspective

Our mission is to stop violence and to reduce the amount of victims of domestic violence. In 2017 we were selected by The Danish Center for Social Science Research as the most promising practice when it comes to working with children and young people who have been affected by domestic violence. 74% of the 1700 abusers who have completed a treatment programme at Dialogue against Violence have experienced domestic violence in their own childhood.

Dialogue against Violence understands violence as an expression of a personal problem. But also that violence is a problem that is is possible to change through treatment. This is why we offer psychological treatment to perpetrators of domestic violence as well as to the adult and child victims. The condition for receiving therapy is that the perpetrator him- or herself is willing to take responsibility for the violence and wishes to break the abusive pattern.

A treatment programme can last up to a year and is divided into three phases. First there is the assessment phase, where our priority lies in establishing safety for the whole family, alongside forming relevant focus points for treatment. After the preliminary assessment comes the therapeutic phase, which is tailored for each individual member of the family. Therapy consists of individual sessions, family sessions, parental sessions and couples’ sessions. If there are children, they will also be offered therapy. The last phase of the treatment programme focuses on preventing relapse.